Great managers build
great companies.
We make good
managers great.
Great managers build great companies.
We make good managers great.

On-the-Job Manager Development

All of the real learning in business takes place on the job, when people share knowledge and take action to get things done.

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Smart Customers

Thanks to our work with top science, technology and professional-services companies, we have some of the smartest customers around.

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Structure and Practice

Through a highly-structured yet welcoming development process, we give managers a complete set of tools and techniques that work, and we guide them through their journey from competence to mastery.

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How We Make Good Managers Great

It's a simple fact that is often overlooked: managing is a set of skills that can be learned and mastered.

It's not enough for managers to be naturally good with people or highly-trained in technical fields. Developing great managers takes the right approach.

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Complex Companies Need Great Managers

Imagine how much stronger your company would be if your wizards, rainmakers and business managers—your technical experts, sales-and-marketing experts and execution experts—learned how to work together seamlessly.

We can make that happen.

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Great Managers are Worth Their Weight in Gold

In large companies, managers are the ones who really get things done. Good managers keep their people focused and hit their numbers.

Great managers generate enthusiasm, help their people grow, and build on their company's vision.

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